April 1st Tired Of Being Joke Of Calendar

Truth or Consequences, New Mexico - One of the days of the Gregorian calendar wants to stop being the joke of the entire year.

In a move that surprised even Halloween and Mardi Gras, the First of April declared it had enough of being the day when people play practical jokes and tell false stories to get a laugh.

"All I am is a joke", said the calendar date, fed up with the traditional pranks played by Morning Show Hosts as well as kids of all ages, from 1 to 101.

The problem is that no other date wants to take April Fools’ Day's place.

There are dates that can’t be changed because of their meaning; others just want to stay where they are because they like the place they have within the year, with maybe one exception, Boxing Day, another date that would like to change its reputation.

Pyrite, a mineral also known as Fools' Gold, supports April 1st.

The shiny material suggested there were implications to being singled out: "Having the word "Fool" in your name is a real challenge."

The attitude of April the First has also caused some concerns amongst Historians.

Some of them believe that if April 1st can change its own faith, some historical dates may want to do the same.


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