Cave Man First To Find Out About Gravity

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

A rock similar to this one crushed a prehistoric man who is believed to be one of the earliest scientists.

Somewhere in Africa - Archeologists confirm they have discovered proof that a cave man discovered gravity some 50 000 years ago, which is way much earlier than Isaac Newton.

"It seems the poor man was sitting at the bottom of a cliff. We have established that he must have seen some pebbles fall before being crushed under a massive boulder.

We found the skeleton with the index of the right finger on the right temple of the skull. And this makes us believe he had a "Eureka!" kind of moment", said the head archeologist on the scene.

"This man understood, albeit a little late, that things fall. Like the late Isaac Newton, this cave man got the call from above. Just regrettable he was not sitting under a tree", added the archeologist.


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