Changes to International Migration Laws: Canadian Beavers Apply For Dual Citizenship With USA

Emerson, Manitoba – WWP – A Canadian family of Beavers hopes their application for US citizenship will be accepted after changes to International Migratory Laws were announced.

The Family of five lives on a creek where they built a damn right on the border between Canada and the US, with one side in the Canadian province of Manitoba and the other in the American State of Minnesota.

The new law requires the family to have citizenship in both countries to continue to live where they are.

However, the fact that there is already a large population of beavers in the US may reduce their chances to keep their home. It will probably be given to a homeless Beaver family that already has dual citizenship.

The family says that if their application is rejected, they will probably try to move somewhere else in Canada, adding that they have relatives who live in the Ottawa Valley, as well as in the Eastern Townships, in the Province of Québec.

The only problem with that solution is that there are few beaver dwellings still available in Canada, and they may not be allowed to stay near their relatives.

In the immediate future, the beaver family may have to apply for emergency shelter in Manitoba and face a forcible move to the Hudson’s Bay area.


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