Changes to International Migration Laws: Migratory Birds To Carry Passports

Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge

Come By Chance, NL – WWP – Migratory birds will now have to carry a passport to cross over borders.

The new arrangement is a compromise and the result of intense negotiations between nations.

Some countries were threatening to erect giant nets held up in the air by giant air balloons at their borders.

To avoid such a drastic measure, birds will have to carry identification at all times when they are flying.

It is expected the vast majority of the birds will choose to have a microchip attached to their bodies, while a small number - mostly pelicans and storks - will carry full size passports.

The new migration rules will soon apply to other species such as fish and mammals, of all sizes.

Like the birds, most of the bigger animals should choose the tiny microchip, since only Kangaroos are known to have pockets deep enough to carry full-size passports.

Reptiles, insects as well as micro-organisms, will for now remain exempt. One reason being that nobody wants to apply for the job where one has to search crocodiles and alligators for their ID’s.


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