Fewer Canadian Flags Will Be Harvested This Year

Updated: May 25, 2020

Just a few flag are destined to be harvested this year at this Canadian Flag Plantation just outside Ottawa

Orléans, Ontario - Because of the cancellation of the Canada Day Celebrations in the nation’s Capital, fewer Canadian flags will be harvested this year.

A gentleman who attends to the special crop, says “producing Canadian flags “the natural way” is very rewarding”.

He explained that, because of the Canadian culture and climate, small flags are produced in greenhouses where they are treated with maple water every day.

At the end of January, the small flag are planted into the frozen ground and then covered with unwashed hockey jerseys.

The flags are ready to be harvested during the month of June, just in time for Canada Day, when Ottawa becomes almost uniquely white and red.

Some of the flags can grow to be quite big and are noticed from kilometers around when they're floating in the wind.


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