Groundhogs Strike To Protest Climate Change

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Groundhogs have known better days

Eyebrow, Saskatchewan - Groundhogs have decided to stay in bed on February 2nd this year to protest Climate Change.

“Climate Change is upon us and we have to deal with it. And groundhogs are starting to feel the heat”, said a famous groundhog who doesn’t want to be named.

“It has become next to impossible to predict accurately the weather six weeks ahead of time and that’s because of climate change caused by pollution”, added the famous forecaster.

However, groundhogs are afraid their protest could backfire.

“I have been harshly criticized for choosing the only day people talk about me during the entire year to go on strike. Well, that’s kind of the point you see. Being a good sport and going along with tradition will not save my natural habitat so why should I care about knowing whether the Spring will come early or not at all this year?” asked another groundhog who can barely feed his family.

Groundhogs have been used to predict the weather for centuries, but it is the first time in recorded history that groundhogs decide to skip Groundhog Day.


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