Lab Mouse Charged For Alleged Unethical Behavior*

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

The lab rat's identity is protected; the one you see on this picture is not the subject of this article.

Secret Location – The scientific community is in disarray after a laboratory mouse was charged with alleged unethical behavior.

According to sources, the mouse first refused to play the maze game by pretending to be sleeping.

The laboratory personnel were not amused, to say the least, and decided as a joke, to grow an ear on the back of the mouse.

After that new addition, the lab mouse would no longer accept any vocal commands and remained motionless at the entry point of the maze.

It seems that this was the breaking point for the lab personnel. They immediately filed a complaint to their supervisor, informing them of the unethical approach adopted by the mouse, which they now call a rat.

The animal will appear in front of an academic panel which will decide on the validity of the complaint filed by the lab personnel.

*This story was written without harming a single animal.


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