Man Who Stole Identity Becomes Bipolar

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Flin Flon, Manitoba - A Manitoba man who stole an identity ended up with the condition that came along with it, and instantly became bipolar.

A psychologist explained that this phenomenon is becoming more frequent among identity thieves.

"There is a real risk of becoming something you never wanted to be in the first place. So, think twice before stealing someone's identity" said the psychologist, who prefers not having his name mentioned on BMN.

One of those thieves recently became obsessive compulsive overnight after steeling the identity of a person suffering from that condition.

And in a related case, a man in New Mexico is now legally considered to be a canary bird after steeling the identity of the animal which had received a large inheritance from its deceased owner.

The man now sings like a bird instead of talking. With no money and that kind of a voice, the man is said to look towards the entertainment industry to earn a living.


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