Martians Sending Probe To Earth To Find Out Where All The Junk Comes From

The true color image of Planet Mars, shot by the Rosetta spacecraft in February 2007. WikiCommons.

Thyle 1, Mars – Martians are apparently fed up with all the hardware coming their way from what they perceive as a garbage producing celestial body not too far from their own planet.

“There’s a tremendous amount of junk that has been sent our way and we are hearing rumours of creatures planning to come and mess up our planet. We won’t stand for it!” Declared a Martian reached via satellite.

In the past decades, Martians have become aware of the fact that Earthlings are interested in Mars.

They have also heard rumours about possible damage these Earthlings could have done to their own home in the Solar System.

Martians now fear these creatures will come to devastate their world after they finish destroying theirs.

“The main challenge our probe is facing is the amount of debris orbiting the Earth”, said the Martian.

“It seems like they ran out of space on the ground for their garbage and they are polluting the sky above their own heads! The problem is that it includes our Red Planet as a new dumping ground.”


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