Professional Hockey Players To Ask For Paid Overtime

Colorado City, Utah – The next round of bargaining will be difficult for professional hockey club owners because of an unusual demand from the player’s association: skaters and goalies want paid overtime like almost all unionized workers in North America.

The clause players want to add to the next bargaining agreement would see overtime pro-rated to each player’s salary and indexed in case of double, triple, or quadruple overtime and so on.

Reached by phone at his Summer home, a players’ representative, who asked not to be named because he was tipsy at the time, said “that it only makes sense to milk that cow until it bleeds” referring to the endless inflation in the amounts of money professional athletes ask for their services.

The paid overtime clause is going to have an impact on the price of everything you can purchase at professional hockey games, from food to booze and merchandise. It is estimated a blue-collar family will now have to get a second mortgage on their home to attend a single regular season hockey game.


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