Time Travellers Can’t Agree On Time, Place, For Convention

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Our Newsroom – Present Day - Highly reliable sources inform us of a plan to organize a Convention for Time Travellers; the only problem: no one agrees on both when and where to hold the event.

It is therefore impossible for us to determine if this event ever took place or if it will be held sometime in the future.

It turns out that, relative to Present Day, Time Travellers from the past and those from the future have very different views on what moment and place in time would make the event the culmination of everything that has, is, and will happen on this planet.

Some believe the beginnings are more important, while others claim the end of times are a fascinating period to explore – as long as you don’t stay until the very end.

Not to mention all the paradoxes and contradictions some Time Travellers refuse to face.

Other issues are linked to the various methods used for Time Travelling.

It seems there’s more than just one way (no pun intended) to travel through the ages.

Some Time Travellers don’t want to let anyone know how they proceed to skip years or even centuries and holding a Convention at a set time and place, either in the past or in the future, could give away too much information on how they do it.


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